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In a more global and ever-changing world, we offer solutions tailored to your needs that fit the highest quality standards.

> Management Consulting

We are committed to helping organisations improve their performance. Our professionals and know-how will help you in your Strategic Processes, designing and configuring management tools appropriate to your company.

  • We develop models for a tangible strategy, based on best practices and carried out by experienced people.

  • Support companies; creating, offering and capturing value by perceiving their capabilities and potential.

  • Companies need to obtain the best results, coming from complex and heavy structures, through effective solutions that put information in an accessible, contemporary and friendly way. These are IT Platform solutions.

  • The best performance demands the best corporate governance. We design and evaluate the recommended governance models to capture the company’s results.

  • Assess the performance and Goodwill of organizations, using the most recognized and adjusted metrics to the sector and business.

  • Going global requires the training of knowledge, intelligence and decision-making processes that involve the entire organization. Our know-how takes your company to the global market.

  • We offer a complete set of services that support and facilitate your investment projects from asset research to valuation, from project finance to public subventions. From A to Z.

> Human Resources

Human Capital is the powerful resource every company must nurture. Train and empower human capital by offering services that reveal talent.

  • We are passionate about employees’ development. For that, we employ Human Resources techniques into the Organizational Development Strategy in order to create a happy and healthy working environment.

  • Reward strategy is a holistic approach aligning with business strategy and people strategy; it encompasses everything employees value in their employment relationship like compensation, benefits, development and the work environment (Kaplan, 2007).

  • We believe that every organization should inspire people in their work environment, and all people have an important role as professionals and individuals, finding a reason to belong in the organization.

  • The measurement of production and employee performance is a very important step in the company and person process. We have a team of specialists that will help your company in all stages of job evaluation.

> Marketing & Consumption

We work to develop business. One of our services is Market Development and Business Intelligence, so that our clients grow and achieve their success.

  • Communication is the essential tool to demonstrate value. The way the company expresses ideas, products and services allows business development. We communicate with a big smile and commitment.

  • Gathering information about target markets is one of our activities. We identify and analyze the market demands, stakeholders and competition in order to deliver the best and suitable Business Intelligence to our clients.

  • Implement a growth strategy as a tangible way to enter new markets.

  • We analyze the market trends and the new global characteristics that lead to business success. Our team of experts has the know-how to explain why the markets are moving.

  • E-commerce is an increasingly preferred form of consumer choice. We develop the best e-commerce solutions, to show consumers its benefits and products.

> Operations

We help the company to administer and manage the latest business practices in order to become more efficient and successful. We are committed to finding solutions.

  • We act both in processes and operations of the supply chain, in the definition of KPI / areas of quality and efficiency in companies of the most diverse sectors of the economy.

  • We help uncover problems related to low productivity levels and leverage the company’s production, improving processes and operational efficiency.

  • Our services cover a wide range of methods that identify, design, measure, monitor and control business processes in order to achieve stable, unique and detailed results in line with your organization’s strategic objectives.

  • We assess and monitor every kind of data, techniques and activities in order to meet the project requirements. Thus our professionals respect the schedule and are excellent in meeting goals and resources of every kind of project.

> Institutional

We provide consulting services and technical assistance to institutions, governments and associations. We work closely with Financial Institutions, Chambers of Commerce, Clusters, Foundations, among other large public or private entities.

  • We are specialists in collaborative information management. We develop processes of analysis, planning and modeling, offering the ability to articulate projects in complex and dynamic scenarios, territorially differentiated and in the presence of multiple conflicts of interest.

  • We develop complex and multidisciplinary projects, that offer integrated solutions for corporate institutions, involving highly specialized resources from several consulting areas.

  • Clusters bring together companies, municipalities, R&D centres, business associations and other entities committed to the valorization of a specific Industry. We are able to prepare and execute a wide range of projects for Clusters and Associations, with proven results, financed by national and international funds.

  • Working internationally and bringing together different specialists and specialties are the requirements of multilateral finance. We are hired and pre-selected by the most relevant Development Banks, in areas such as Aviation, Training and Evaluation, Technical Assistance and Strategy. There are many success stories in our history!